Wednesday, February 6, 2008

nuttin like gnawledge in the afternoon...

RESINated Radio- Get Elevated 
with Dj micNearth
Wednesdays 1-3pm, the sparking hour

caile guey!!! check it----> Dj micNearth mix
These mixes are songs edited together to make longer tracks. Some of them have beats that ride out, so I layered some speeches underneath and sometimes added a music bed to keep it flowing. For the show, I like to sample speeches from cats like Malcolm X, Khalid Muhhamehd, Bobby Seale, Huey Newton, John Trudell, Mumia Abdul Jamal, Fred Hampton and so on.

First Show!
damn. the first week of KRFH on semester number 5 or sum...that was many swishers ago. i thought about being over-achiechvingly prepared, but I'm not that kinda educator. I aired snippets of my interview with George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic.

Finally a good Clinton, a Clinton who is not some kind of cowboy, but a real boy, a funky boy. I also soke with a two funky ladies. one of them was kim manning, peaches on the flavor of love.
 The other siser was shaunna hall, who started anew band called Electrofunkadelica. 

Always looking for new conscious/ seditious/ underground/ not poppy HIPHOP. reggae too, and any other music of resistance. im still looking for some righteous punk and hardcore. i need some "At the Gates" in my life. miss those old gig days of high school where a mickeys, a swisher or two, a cypha session, and a pit fixed everything...

The Fugees- "The Score"
Kuelaza X- "Push Line on 'em"
Eric B & Rakim- "I ain't no Joke"
Guru's Jazzmatazz vol. 3 Street Soul- "Certified"
Warren G- "Super Sista Soul"
Big Boi- "N2U"
Atmosphere- "Reflections"
Warclub Dj micNearth mix- "Thank You God"
MF Doom- "Pot Holderz"
Tru Rez Crew- "I'm a Lucky One"
M.I.A.- "Galang"
Parliament- "P-Funk (Wants to get Funked up)"
                    - "Up for the Down Stroke"
                    - "Bop Gun"
Funkadelic- "Can't Shake it Loose"
The Fugees- "Ready or Not"
***KRFH exclusive George Clinton Interview!!!***
Tolteka Dj micNearth Mix- "2012"
Electrofunkadelica- "Naughty"
Dialated Peoples- "Kindness for Weakness"
**Lou Dobbs and National Council of La Raza- youtube video** 
Bone Thugs N Harmony- "Thuggish Ruggish Bone"
EPMD- "Richter Scale"
Steel Pulse- "Ravers"

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DJ Psy Fi said...

Nice set. definately dig M.I.A